About/How to Use

This site will help find Fireteams for Raids, Strike Teams and PVP in Destiny immediately.  It is simple and straight forward to use.  Just click on the banner above to get back to the main page where you can find or create a Fireteam on all console platforms. If you would like to create a listing on the listing page click the icon under “Create Fireteam” and it will appear on the listing page. To view entries that others have already created click your console icon under “Find Fireteam” – There is also a live chat on this page to help communication when setting up a group.

The Fireteam listing are broken up into categories for each console so it is easy to find a team on the console you are playing on.  There is also a search option and group type drop down on the listing pages to filter for the group type you are looking for.

Feel free to leave any comments on the discussions page.